Atithi Devo Bhav

An introspection in welcome

Guest is God, this is not just what it means but it is a doctrine which welcomes who so ever comes as guest, it is without any prejudice, prohibition and preconceived notions. In India guest is God as dictated in Upanishads but actually we have lived this philosophy since time immemorial. People who are once a part of family, step out in the world, settle in other parts of the world and after many years when they come back they are again welcomed as family members, they are also guests because they have settled else where at the same time they are close to heart we treat everbody who comes to India, to us, with same emotion, like a family member and being our guests they are our Gods.

Khajuraho Dance Festival is now known for its novel and innovative themes and the latest one in this series is this segment called Atithi Devo Bhav. Through this we would welcome art and culture of a friend country. This would give us a chance to have a glimpse of our commonalities and differences. This year we are welcoming Bangladesh - A nation which is known by name of language its people speak. Although Bangladesh has been since time immemorial an integral part of this once vast land called aryavrat, then Bharat Bhumi; but due to various political reasons got dissected from mainland and is now an independent nation. But nevertheless we sherce a common heritage and mere division on piece of paper called map didnot separate us culturally. cultures of both the countries share a common civilization. Which is more ancient than current reality can dominate.

This year we are showcasing Bangladesh Art and Culture and it is like seeing onself in a mirror. We have almost everything common. Hence it is time of introspection because what we see outside is merely what we hold inside.