Chal-Chitra 2018 ~ (Films based on Indian Classical Music & Dance)

Every day Morning & Evening sessions to show movies. Entrance to the show will be free. List of movies to be displayed will be available soon on the Website and FaceBook Page.

Chal-Chitra 2017 (Cinematic tribute to art traditions and artisans)

Chal-Chitra is exhibition of Cinema portraying art and various art forms. Cinema is actually an extension of human vision through its eyes. Human mind visualizes in the form of visions and when this is captured in camera it becomes cinema. The genesis of cinema is to fill in the blanks of human life where in an event happens and gets recorded in time. But to relive that event was difficult, hence camera was invented. Now the imprint of any event was possible and could later on be revisited.

This recording of events gave way to various socio economic roles and tasks which were contemporary to the art and culture of that society. Cinema became an integral part of art. It got connected to traditional depiction of art and culture too. Around the world various transitions, evolutions etc got recorded through cinema and became a repertory of mass communication. This strengthened the rise of cinema and its faculties.

In Khajuraho Dance Festival, Chal-Chitra has got multiple motivations. First and foremost, cinema is an integral part of art forms. Secondly, cinema is a medium of recording and documenting the dynamics of society and art & culture. This segment of Chal-Chitra would exhibit art, fine art, music, literature, dance, vocal, instrumental music etc as basic subjects in cinema. This would connect people with all the movies which depict these art forms in their plot and screenplay. It would not only facilitate better understanding of these art forms but also treasure the heritage of these art forms for the times to come. It would connect people with art and artists, their personalities and stories of success and failure, their making of artist and their struggles and victories.

This all would be archived through cinema and Chal-Chitra will exhibit this journey, actually Chal-Chitra will be ‘rewind and play’ for all the voyages of art and artists which could be recorded and preserved for future times.