Hunar 2018 ~ A rendevouz with Fabric and Garments

Artists from across India may apply to participate in this segment of KDF-2018 before 20th January, 2018 on the following E-mail address –

Stalls, space, normal accomodation at guest house/dharmshala will be provided to artists.

In case of queries please feel free to contact –


Hunar 2017 ~ A rendevouz with sculpture

Khajuraho temples are epitome of art and sculpture. Art visualised the grandeur and sculpture manifested the same in stones. The magic which was created in stones ages ago is now a world heritage. Aesthetic sense and appreciation for beauty is natural to humans and we have exhibited this natural trait in the entire journey of mankind, right from pre-historic times till modern age. Hence aesthetic sense became the basis of every civilization and is key to Indian culture as well. It was understood that beauty is nature’s reward to human kind. And the intellect then kept on creating one beautiful sculpture after another. Many of them are wonders of the world.

To create a sculpture, sense of attachment with creation while creating it results in masterpieces and this is how sculpture has evolved. In human segment we bring forth the artistic talent be it in pottery, fabric, jewellery making or any other medium. In Hunar you will witness how simple clay can become a live sculpture or a simple fabric can become a kaleidascope of colours. Hunar will showcase the traditional as well contemporary art forms in sculptures and crafts of India.