Fine Art’s Fete

Khajuraho Temples are live art and sculptures. Each and every idol reverberates with dance styles, poses and manifestation of human emotions. Fantasy of imagination and reality of sculptors engravings on stone both are present in thousands of sculptures in Khajuraho.

Khajuraho Dance Festival was being celebrated for last 40 odd years and is considered to be one of the most revered and prestigious organized festival of Indian art. And for the last 4 years Art-Mart became an integral part of its itinerary. The objective of including Art-Mart in Khajuraho Dance Festival was to promote Indian contemporary art form. The priority was to give platform to mid career artist so that they can get international exposure and appreciation. This year almost all the states of India and some 150 Indian artisans would be displaying their exhibits and participating in this Art-Mart. Also some 40 artists from 20 countries are also arriving for their participation. The Art-Mart incorporates all streams of Art be it visual, performing, craft and other traditional art forms. The whole campus of Khajuraho Dance Festival becomes a kaleidoscope of innumerable visuals and experiences.

The day starts with the photo shoot of all the dancers in the temple courtyard. The backdrop of sculptures of dancing idols and live dancers posing in front of them are captured in camera. It is a visual feast for all who are participating in this and creates a new dimension in their visual sense.

Soon after this is Kala Vaarta, where dancers, painters, art critics, intellectuals from dance and visual arts; interact with audience. It is a very creative interactive dialogue session amongst them all at the same time it is a very attractive and enriching format of interaction where serious deliberation over Indian Art and art forms take place.

This session is followed by Chal-Chitra in the afternoon where art movies from India and abroad are screened along with documentaries and experimental cinema of famous artists so that people can understand the dynamics of fine arts, music, literature, vocals, dance, instrumental music and various art forms. The basic idea is to popularize the rich cultural heritage and legacy and to promote innovative & creative approach towards art forms.

Next is a very interesting feature of this festival. Artists paint innumerable cycle rickshaws of Khajuraho and surrounding places as a mark to give thanks to various local people who work tirelessly along with organizers and artist to make this festival a success. The paintings & various graffiti on cycle rickshaws is actually a token of remembrance throughout the coming year that there happened an amalgamation of artists from around the world for an entire week every year. The walls of public places and schools are also painted with paintings and sceneries to be left as parting gifts to the locals.

As the dusk comes down in the courtyards of Khajuraho temples, innumerable artists sit down to make portraits, caricatures, etc of the people who come there to feel and live art in life. Artists make paintings and portraits for free of cost. The only price they seek is love and appreciation of the people who come to witness this festival of art and colors. All the artist and artisans arrive here to be just a part of this momentum. The sculptors, potters, dyers and printers of fabric, ceramic artists, tattoo artist, all assemble here just be the elements of this reverberating experience. In this itinerary a particular state of India is showcased with all its art and creative forms. People get a chance to see and experience unique display of various art and craft of that particular state.

The exhibition is inaugurated at evening where all local and foreign artists exhibit their work this actually paves a path to witness live visuals and art works. This exhibition leads to the dance hall and all and one can experience the diverse display of creativity and colors.

The entire programme is interwoven in such a manner that one art form leads to another and finally everyone arrives at dance festival. Here dancers from around the world present their unique dance presentations. People get to see different, illustrious dance styles and performances. The whole canvas of Khajuraho Dance Festival finally becomes holistic and is instilled in the memories of its audiences for the times to come.