Kala Varta

Dialogue between artists and connoisseurs

Khajuraho Dance Festival is a continues of what our upnishads teach us. We have been advised by sages and tapasvis about how we should conduct ourselves in this human incarnation, through ancient scriptures and literature. We should think, listen, see, speak and do good. We should use ourselves to be the carrier of anspices. And this is what Khajuraho Dance Festival manifests every year. Through this segment of Kala-Vaarta we try to listen and speak worthy words and auspicious discussions which will take this festival to the next level of consiousness. This dance festival presents most illustrous and auspicious segment of our culture that is dance. But through Kala-Vaarta we deliberate with various representatives of various art forms, presenters, art critics, connoisseuss and intellectuals on the philosophy and relativity of Indian culture and art forms. On this forum artist talk about their art after their performances. They interact with audience and critics alike. They exchange ideas and deliberate upon how they can move ahead with what ever legacy they are bringing with them and where they have left behind what was integral to their art form. Kala-Vaarta presents a combination of intellectual flavour with philosophical approach.